Thursday, February 5, 2009

you're falling back to me (defying gravity)

i was eating corn pops today and two of them had merged together. i was like O_O

sometimes you can see it. you can see other people about to head into a proverbial TRAIN WRECK, and you are all like STOP STOP STOP and they are like i see your point. but what can i do that involves not stopping? and you know, doesnt leave piles of emotional baggage and scarring that will later just cause drama? and you are like YOU IDIOT but only in your head because they're your friends and you don't really wanna say anything.

well, sometimes i can see it with me. shit. SHIT. 

sometimes, as much as this restlessness and longing and loneliness just simmers underneath the surface, i'm so, so sure (word of the day: aver) that things will be okay. i don't know if it's because i'll become complacent, or if i'll decide to do something completely crazy and work abroad, but. but it'll be okay. it'll be okay. 





that's where i'm headed to now. and NOT buffalo wild wings and bowling. because de-hermitizing is a GRADUAL PROCESS. 

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