Tuesday, February 24, 2009

polar opposites don't push away

tru fax: ever since i was little, and we bought fresh baguette from the harry's farmer's market, i would take it home and dip it in coke. or sprite. it is SO GOOD. and today i bought some!!

last night i had a dream that. well actually a lot of things happened. i was in the room with a video game-refrigerator and i was at the SEKKRIT LEVEL when it turned into a fridge and i got all disappointed...then i opened the blinds to the window and outside were thousands of college kids and desks outside and chalkboards and it was all so....aesthetically pleasing. i mean, think brooklyn brick buildings with ledges and thousands upon thousands of desks and bowling lanes and flags and vending machines just perched outside, and in disarray. kind of like how howl's moving castle is like. A MESS and yet everything has its precise place and it's this big, beautiful, chaotic bitch of a masterpiece. it was kind of like that. 

fuckin' a. okay. okay okay okay FINE this summer will ALSO be dedicated to learning SQL. jerks.

man, today was rough, but still better than yesterday. i kinda just wanna get high, eat cookies, and listen to radiohead. is it friday yet?

(nah, i'm only kidding. i'd never listen to radiohead.)

argh why so late? :0

1 comment:

  1. LOL. nice comment about radiohead. i mean, i could see it.
    but i've tried it. gotta say it's weird. but i'd try it again.
    if you know what i mean ;)

    also: it says 6:39pm on your post.