Sunday, February 15, 2009

hey, don't you wanna be happy?

why is today the first day my chinese name didn't sound foreign on my lips? 

also lying is bad. i won't do it again. i feel horrible now, even if it was a small thing. sorry..

i finally got all my investments in order. now all that's left is the learning. so much information!

the things that grab your attention are usually bad for you. the things that you give your attention to are usually worthwhile.

i have so many plans when i get home.  

lesson no.48: if you don't trust someone, why do you expect them to trust you? 

lesson no.92: priority determines capacity

lesson no.33: direction determines destination

lesson no.82: no one ever believes the reasons you give, especially if the real reason is 'because i want it' and the covers are 'we moved in together for financial reasons' 'this 49k benz is a safe car' 'he's nice and could possibly change' and 'we bought a big house because we like to have ministry here'

lesson no.83: we eventually start to believe our own reasons, even if nobody else does. 

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